Stirling MP Welcomes New Law To Protect Livestock


Categories: Animal Welfare, Local Business, Rural Affairs, SNP Scottish Government

Alyn Smith MP with Stirlingshire sheep farmer, Daye Tucker, near Balfron

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has. Praised the passage of a Bill at Holyrood which will offer better legal protection to livestock from domestic dogs.

The Private Member’s Bill, brought forward by SNP MSP Emma Harper, was back unanimously in the chamber. It increases the penalties for livestock worrying, with offenders being hit with a fine of up to £40,000 or 12-months’ imprisonment for allowing their dogs to chase, attack, or kill livestock.

The definition of livestock has also been widened in this legislation to include alpacas, llamas, and buffalo – more modern types of farmed animal.

Alyn Smith MP said:

With lambing season in full swing, this change in law will be welcomed by many farmers across the rural Stirling area.

‘Recent years have seen incidents of dogs attacking sheep and other livestock locally, and all farmers want is for the law to properly protect their livestock.

‘Most dog owners behave responsibly and adhere closely to the outdoor code, especially when near farmland. But a small number of people behave utterly irresponsibly, putting livestock at risk, as well as their own dogs.

‘Over the next few weeks, we hope to see restrictions on travel lift across the country. This will undoubtedly lead to more people visiting our rural areas, as holidays abroad are not currently an option. It is all the more important that every protection possible is in place to protect farmers and their stock, and this new law will go some way to addressing that.

‘NFU Scotland have published some really useful information for people who are out with their dogs, and what is expected in order to keep everyone safe. I would urge everyone to check out their website and familiarise themselves with how to keep your dog and livestock completely separate. The penalty for not doing so will be severe.’


Attached photograph: Alyn Smith MP with Stirlingshire sheep farmer, Daye Tucker, near Balfron.