Stirling Politicians Welcome Scotland’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic


Categories: Health, Local Business

Stirling MP Alyn Smith and local Councillor Evelyn Tweed have welcomed the approval of Scotland’s first medical cannabis clinic by Scotland’s healthcare regulators.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland have approved Sapphire Medical Clinic in Stirling to provide safe access to medical cannabis for Scottish patients.

Since 2018, medical cannabis has been rescheduled under UK drug law to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medicines under certain circumstances.

The news will be welcomed by many in Scotland who suffer from long-term illness and chronic pain, which for some patients can be eased with use of medical cannabis-based products.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘As with any drug-related policy, it’s important to both follow the science as well as consider the wider socio-economic effects of any changes to legislation, enforcement or usage. Whilst drugs policy is reserved to the UK Government, I’m glad changes have been made to allow regulated and prescribed use of medical cannabis. I’ve had consistent overtures from constituents on this issue, and this could really change lives.’

Local Councillor Evelyn Tweed said:

‘Those who suffer from long-term illness and chronic pain will breathe a sigh of relief at today’s announcement, as finally some common sense is brought into our public debate on this issue. This business in Stirling will not only be good for the economy, its tightly regulated and medical focus will ensure those who need relief and help will be able to find treatments suited to their condition.’


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