Stirling Politicians Praise Swift Support to Farmers and Crofters


Categories: Agriculture and Farming, Local Business, Rural Affairs, SNP Scottish Government

Local Councillor Evelyn Tweed and Stirling MP Alyn Smith

Stirling MP Alyn Smith and local Councillor Evelyn Tweed have welcomed news that vital SNP Scottish Government funding for farmers and crofters to keep Scotland’s food production moving during the pandemic has been delivered ahead of schedule.

So far, more than 95% of Basic Payment Support, Greening and Young Farmer payments have been made, four months ahead of regulatory requirement.

The payments were introduced in December last year and have so far paid out almost £400million.

Alyn Smith MP said:

 ‘It has been a monumental effort to ensure our farmers and crofters in Stirling have received their payments from the Scottish Government. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial we keep money flowing into our rural communities and keep funding our crofters and farmers.

‘The past year has been extremely difficult for the food production industry, they have to suffer the double-whammy of COVID and a damaging hard Tory Brexit.

‘But because the Scottish Government placed the needs of our rural communities at the top of its priority list – in stark contrast to the chaos overseen by the UK Tory Government – our farmers and crofters have been protected from at least some of Brexit’s disastrous consequences.’

Local Councillor Evelyn Tweed said:

‘Our farming communities deserve the nation’s thanks for their dedication during the long hours and days of lockdown in maintaining essential supply chains and keeping food on our plates.

‘I would now urge farmers and crofters to ensure they submit their Single Application Form 2021 applications as soon as they can to make sure they receive their payments for this year.’