Comment on 09/03/2021 Covid restrictions update


Categories: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

An update has been published by the Scottish Government, on changes to Covid-19 related health measures. Info is available here.

Bruce Crawford MSP said:

‘This will be a welcome cautious relaxation to many people, permitting further social interaction outside and allowing non-contact and group sports from Friday.

‘We have to be careful that we don’t relax too much too quickly, which is why there remains very limited circumstances where people can meet and potentially transmit the virus. We must always keep in the back of our minds that there are much fast spreading variants of the virus present in our communities right now, and sticking strictly to all of the rules will be key to relaxing them safely.’

Alyn Smith MP:

‘I welcome these measures relaxations, including plans to reopen places of worship to communal events in time for Passover, Easter, Ramadan, and Vaisakhi.

‘This has been possible because the rollout of the vaccine and efforts to suppress the faster spreading variants of the virus have been more successful than initially expected.

‘If we continue to make more progress and the virus is not given the opportunity to spread, I am pleased that the Scottish Government is looking at the feasibility of relaxing travel restrictions around Scotland. However it will take for all of us to stick closely to the rules to ensure we can reach that point in the next few weeks.’