Stirling MP Backs Local Infrastructure Rethink


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Alyn Smith MP

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has called for a rethink of the Viewforth Link Road project, in a letter to Stirling Council’s Chief Executive.

The multi-million pound project would have seen a new road built through the current Viewforth estate, site of Stirling Council HQ. The road, along with improved pedestrian and cycle-ways, would have connected Burghmuir Road with St Ninians Road, through the Linden Avenue Carpark.

Mr Smith contends in his letter that there exists strong local opinion on the project, and the pandemic should necessitate a review of infrastructure spend to ensure it meets future need in the post-Covid era.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Having discussed this matter extensively with constituents, local Councillors, and Council officials, I have concluded that this would not be the right time to proceed with this project. That said, I am generally supportive of the principle aims of building such a piece of infrastructure, such as guiding traffic away from the city centre and creating better pedestrian and cycling opportunities in Stirling City.

‘It is my understanding that £1.3 million has been earmarked for the road in capital funding. I know that Councillors and Council officers can easily identify many more priority projects that would benefit from this funding as we heal our communities following a pandemic crisis.