UK Authorises Pesticide Deadly to Bees, Stirling MP Calls for Rethink


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Pesticide Banned by EU Linked to Bee Population Decline 

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has written to the UK Government over reports the UK Government has recently authorised the use of harmful pesticides, substances banned by the European Union.

Significant evidence suggests the usage of products from the neonicotinoid family harms bee reproduction levels, severely impacting local ecosystems and crops dependent on pollination. It is thought up to one-third of the UK bee population has vanished in a decade.

Upon leaving the European Union, the UK government promised there would not be a lowering of environmental standards, a commitment inconsistent with the authorisation of such pesticide usage.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘Huge swathes of our agricultural output depend on pollinators such as bees. To authorise the use of such substances, which have been linked to severe environmental harms, demonstrates recklessness from the UK government.

I’ve long highlighted these dangers. As a Member of the European Parliament, I worked alongside European colleagues on the Agriculture Committee to investigate the dangers posed to farmers and the environment by such chemicals, which ultimately led to an EU-Wide ban.

‘We’re only weeks into Brexit-proper, and already the UK is walking away from its’ previous promises on high environmental standards. I urgently call for a re-think on this issue, before it does real harm to our environment, and Scotland’s clean, green reputation on food and drinks standards.’


Alyn Smith MEP in 2012

Broken UK promise on pesticide usage