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Stirling Politicians Praise Health and Social Care Staff Bonus


Categories: Carers, Coronavirus (COVID-19), NHS Forth Valley, SNP Scottish Government, UK Government (Westminster)

Bruce Crawford MSP and Alyn Smith MP have welcomed an announcement from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, of a one-off payment for Scotland’s lifesavers and care-givers on the frontline throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A pro rated payment of £500 will be made as soon as is practicable to all NHS and social care workers employed since 17 March 2020 – including staff who have had to shield, or who have since retired.

This investment of around £180 million will see over 300,000 staff gain some benefit from this bonus, including nurses, porters, doctors, primary care staff, homecare workers, care home staff, hospice staff and residential child care staff.

Bruce Crawford MSP said:

‘Our health workers, in many different roles, have been on  the frontline of this global pandemic. They’ve shouldered some of the greatest burdens, and it’s only right their hard work is recognised.

‘Whilst a payment such as this can’t fully express the gratitude and admiration felt by people all across Scotland, it is a clear demonstration of the value we place on our health and social care staff and recognises the sacrifices they have made.’

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘This announcement from the Scottish Government is extremely welcome, and whilst nothing can truly repay the debt society owes to these brave workers, this payment will help carry that message a little louder.’

‘The First Minister has asked the UK Treasury to ensure this bonus can be tax-free, meaning employees get the maximum benefit from it. Whilst the Scottish Government can influence income-tax bands, HMRC is the organisation in charge of collection. I hope the UK Government does the right thing, and takes action so that this bonus can be tax-exempt. These workers deserve at least that.’


The pro rata £500 bonus scheme, which will be funded from the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 support package, applies to employees employed since March 17, for:

All NHS Employees, including: 

  • staff who have been active in the NHS since 17 March 2020 but who have since left NHS employment, including retirees
  • staff who accepted and worked on temporary contracts since 17 March to aid pandemic response but who have since left NHS employment, including students who worked under temporary contracts but who have since returned to University
  • staff covered by the Two Tier Agreement
  • General Practitioners and their practice teams, including 2C practices

Staff providing NHS services under independent contractor arrangements including:

  • GP surgery staff
  • NHS Dental surgery staff
  • NHS pharmacy services staff
  • NHS optometry staff

Staff working in Adult Social Care including:

  • Care home staff
  • Homecare staff
  • Palliative care/hospice staff
  • Adult Personal Assistants
  • Social care staff in residential child care settings
  • Social Workers (including those working with children and families and in criminal justice)

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