Stirling MP Urges Sensible Firework Use (If At All)


Categories: Animal Welfare, Events and Sport, Safer Communities

Alyn Smith MP with Jack the Cocker Spaniel puppy, Stirling.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has urged locals to exercise caution when using fireworks this year – if at all!

Mr Smith, Honorary Vice President of the SSPCA, has expressed concern for the distress that fireworks can cause domestic pets, farm animals, and wildlife.

In a consultation held by the Scottish Government last year, 93% of people said they wanted tougher controls on fireworks to help protect animals, with 87% supporting an outright ban.

Commenting, Alyn Smith said:

“Organised, regulated fireworks displays can be enjoyable, family-friendly events that mark important dates in the Autumn/Winter calendar. However, all too often, fireworks sold privately are not used responsibly – quite often without those involved realising.

“Incidents of cats and dogs being tormented, or made seriously ill, as a result of nearby fireworks being let off, are devastating. In extreme cases, the stress can bring on heart attacks in our beloved pets.

“Farm animals and wildlife are similarly distressed by fireworks and, whilst there’s a place for them in our culture, when we use them, we should be mindful of this.

“It is almost a universally held view that people should not be able to let off fireworks wherever and whenever they like. So I ask those who are thinking about having their own firework display to keep it small, keep it contained, and give serious thought as to whether your enjoyment is someone else’s torment.”