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Stirling Politicians Support New Localised Restrictions


Categories: Coronavirus (COVID-19), Local Business, SNP Scottish Government

Bruce Crawford MSP (left) and Alyn Smith MP (right)

Stirling MP and MSP Urge Public Vigilance and Caution Over Local Case Rise

Alyn Smith MP and Bruce Crawford MSP have backed new public health guidance from the Scottish Government, following a rise in local cases within the NHS Forth Valley area.

Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire join four other health board areas with increased localised restrictions for the next two weeks, aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 as cases begin to rise.

The Scottish Government has announced a new £40 million support package to assist businesses through the new temporary restrictions, and continue discussions with the UK Treasury on further targeted support for businesses and workers.

The new restrictions will be in place from 18:00 Friday 9 October until Monday 26 October. The updated guidance in full can be found on the Scottish Government’s website:

Bruce Crawford MSP said:

“For many, these new restrictions will be unwelcome, but they are necessary in order to prevent the country having to go back into a full lockdown again. 

“This is different from lockdown: people are not asked to stay in their homes; the health service is largely operating as normal; non-essential shops are able to continue trading. However, the additional restrictions will largely affect the hospitality industry in an approach that is guided by the scientific evidence we have on community spread in the area.

“Covid-19 is on the rise across the country, but the spread across central Scotland is particularly rapid. Thanks to the restrictions already in place, the spread has not been as fast as it would have otherwise been, but we now need to take further action to calm down the rate of infection.”

Alyn Smith MP said: 

“These are tough but necessary measures, however this will particularly impact the hospitality industry. I’ll work alongside Bruce Crawford MSP and others to ensure that everything that can be done is being done to support our local economy at this difficult time.

“For the next two weeks, I ask that people familiarise themselves with the restrictions in place and rigidly stick to them. The purpose of this is to help prevent a full lockdown, which none of us want to see happen.”


Link to updated Scottish Government guidance: