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Tories Break TV Licence Promise to Over-75s


Categories: Culture and Tourism, News

The Tory Government is to proceed with breaking their promise to protect free TV Licences for over-75s, with charges coming into effect as of August 1st.

The current charge for a TV Licence is £157.50, with a fine of up to £1,000 for not paying.

It is estimated that 4,770 (80%) of over-75s in the Stirling constituency will lose out on free TV Licences as charges come into effect.

Stirling SNP MP Alyn Smith said:

“This really is a shameful robbery of older people’s access to television broadcasting, which can be an important source of news information and entertainment, particularly for older people who may live alone. This will affect nearly 5,000 older people in the Stirling constituency, and the Tories have had every opportunity to stop this in its tracks, yet have chosen not to.

“Age UK have rightly spoken out against this move, which has been allowed to happen on the Tories’ watch, despite their promises to protect over-75s rights to free TV Licensing.

“This is insult added to injury in a country that offers older people the lowest State Pension of any OECD country. For many older people, the £157.50 charge will seriously hammer their pockets and the threat of a £1,000 fine for not being able to pay will put people in an impossible situation.

“We owe it to older people to ensure they spend their later years with a decent and dignified quality of life. What the Tories have done here is a retrograde step to securing that for many.”