SNP condemn China imposition of security law on Hong Kong


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“China is in breach of Sino-British Agreement, and should be in International Court”

SNP Shadow Foreign Secretary Alyn Smith has condemned the unilateral imposition by Beijing of a National Security Law upon Hong Kong.  He has written to UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab urging the UK to bring a legal action in the International Court of Justice in defence of the One Country Two Systems agreement enshrined in the Sino-British Agreement.

The call follows news that the Security Law, which has still not been made public, will be in force today in Hong Kong following the imposition.

This is a clear breach of the Sino-British Agreement on the terms of the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty. A ‘One Country Two Systems’ model giving Hong Kong legal self government was enshrined in the international treaty for a 50 year period.

In a resolution adopted last Friday by 565 votes to 34, with 62 abstentions, the European Parliament voted in favour of bringing China before the International Court of Justice over its decision to adopt a new national security law for semi-autonomous Hong-Kong.

Smith said:

“Enough of the polite words, Beijing is in breach of solemn obligations made to the UK and the people of Hong Kong.  If international law means anything the UK has to follow the lead of the European Parliament and join the action in defence of One Country Two Systems.

“The SNP will always back democracy, human rights and international law, and this truly is an open and shut case. 
“The UK government has up till now had a sensible position which I have supported, but was always contingent upon the Law actually being imposed. Well now it has and the UK has a choice to make.

“If it does not commence an action now then no amount of shiny new planes will earn international respect, and indeed Global Britain will not deserve it.”