Austerity Response Must Be Ruled Out to Prevent ‘Lost Generation’


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Bruce Crawford MSP and Alyn Smith MP

Investment will be essential post-COVID-19

Alyn Smith MP, and Bruce Crawford MSP, have added their voices to growing opposition to the use of further austerity measures, in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Smith and Mr Crawford have called on the Tory UK government to invest in young people to prevent a “lost generation” after the coronavirus crisis – as a new report warns entry-level jobs for students and school-leavers are being slashed.

The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) report warns entry-level jobs will be reduced by almost a quarter (23%) this year, while internships and placements will drop by forty per cent (40%).

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘We’ve already seen the disastrous impacts from the last decade of Tory austerity. The UK government owes it to young people affected by the coronavirus to invest in their futures to grow the economy – not repeat the ‘slash and burn’ failed policies of the past.

‘Young people and students are already losing out from opportunities due to Brexit – they cannot afford the prospect of further reduced living standards, job prospects and incomes.’

Bruce Crawford MSP added:

‘Young people remain particularly economically vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic and as the full impact becomes clearer, steps must be taken to invest in this demographic to prevent a ‘lost generation’.

‘Students especially make up a large part of Stirling’s economy and community. Policy decisions taken in London will have a profound impact on the economic recovery from coronavirus. I urge the Tory government to learn from past mistakes, and invest to stimulate economic growth, save jobs and protect people’s incomes.’

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Firms slash entry-level jobs by almost quarter owing to coronavirus –