Stirling MP: Check Before Cancelling Summer Holidays


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Stirling MP Alyn Smith is urging Stirling residents to check with travel companies before cancelling booked holidays.

Current Foreign Office advice is not to travel unless it’s essential, and many holiday companies have already offered alternative arrangements for people, including a full refund.

Which? have offered advice to those who have booked a holiday and are thinking of cancelling:

If you cancel your booking now you’ll lose all the money you’ve already paid and/or have to pay a cancellation fee. And you won’t be able to claim for this on your travel insurance as it’s classed as a ‘disinclination to travel’. If you wait for the holiday to be cancelled by the holiday provider, on the other hand, you’ll be entitled to a full refund.

Mr Smith is urging those in this situation to check what options are available before cancelling a holiday that they have booked.

Commenting, he said:

“Most people understand that a trip abroad this summer is unlikely, but there are those who have already booked a holiday, paid their deposit and still have some payment to go.

“Which? are advising that not making that payment could mean you lose your deposit, whereas if holiday companies cancel, then you’ve a right to a full cash refund. Therefore, they are telling people not to fail to pay off the holiday in full, but rather do everything right and take the cash refund if indeed the holiday is cancelled due to social distancing and lockdown measures.

“I would urge those who are in this situation to speak to their travel agent or holiday company, find out what the situation is with the booking and what rights you have under the terms of the agreement.”

Which? advice: